ROImonks Meets Google

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The Event


Around the middle of December, we saw a post about a special two-day event held by Google themselves in our own backyard and proceeded to quickly sign up for it. We knew this is an opportunity that doesn’t come often. January 18th and 19th were days ROImonks Agency won’t forget soon. We grabbed our learning hats and held our breath with excitement awaiting the big event.


Day 1


AI – The Future Lecture


The first day morning session was mostly about the future of technology. How much is AI part of our lives already and why should we invest in it? And most importantly, what should we expect in the next few years? Those were some of the questions we got the answers to. Not surprisingly, people don’t really understand how much AI is part of our lives already. Two good examples are Google Maps and Google Voice.


Learn more about AI and how to grow your business with Machine Learning


Google Maps


I bet a lot of you don’t really know how Google Maps estimates the time a person needs to get from point A to point B by driving, walking, or riding a bike. Before that lecture neither did I. It turns out that once you start the application, Google starts to follow your movement and remembers the exact minutes it takes you to reach your destination. So, if a different person wants to use that same route anytime soon, Google already knows how much time it takes because of you. Mind-blowing, right? The system is brilliant because Google helps us, but at the same time, we help Google.


Google Tools Lecture


Around midday, things started getting really interesting with Google starting to talk about their different tools and the best ways to use them. Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Data Studio were some of the mentioned tools. We made sure to take a lot of pictures and write down all the valuable information even though it was hard since Google had so many amazing things to share.


Stay informed about Google by visiting their blog

See our article with useful information about Google Tag Manager


Google Data Studio


Probably the most curious information was the fact that people don’t really use Google Data Studio that often. This is very strange since the tool gives you the opportunity to connect it to Google Analytics and be able to see it right away instead of clicking on 7 different columns and filters to change the screen. All you have to do is spend around 1-2 hours to set it up and then you can see all the most valuable data for you on a page or two.


Google Adwords Lecture


For us, things got really serious in the afternoon though. This was the time when Google started talking specifically about Adwords and the different types of campaigns. This is when we became a sponge and soaked every word that came out of the mouth of the presenters. Since this is the primary tool that we use in our work, we can’t really explain how it feels to hear some tips from the source itself. The value we got out of that lecture can’t be measured in a way that can make you even begin to understand how helpful it was. Let’s just say after those 2-3 hours we are a lot better at what we do and our clients will be more than happy with what’s about to come.


Learn more about Smart Bidding


Smart Bidding Strategies Updates


One big change Google made to Adwords was connected with the bids. We all know there are several Smart Bidding Strategies – Target CPA, Target ROAS, Maximize Conversions, and Enhanced CPC to name a few. But even though Google has presented us with those options, most people and companies just go for Manual CPC Bidding. The answer to why is simple – people are scared that Google will overspend. Well, Google understands that fear is not irrational. And indeed if you let Google bid, it will overspend in the first weeks. Or at least that was the case before. It turns out the company has spent numerous hours and workforce on this problem and they claim they have come up with a solution. They didn’t share much, but what they claim is that AI is involved and the system is smarter than ever and is not going to overspend even if you use the Smart Bidding Strategies. They also claim that by using them instead of Manual CPC Bidding you will be able to cut down on optimizing the campaigns by 3 times since it will be automatically done for you. You won’t have to do things like going through all the keywords in the “Search Terms” and remove the ones that don’t apply to your product. Only time will show if this is actually true.


Day 2


The second day of the event was left for individual meetings between Google and all the different people and agencies that were present. Of course, we booked two slots to make sure we have enough time to ask all of our questions. At this point, we were trying to squeeze out every last drop of knowledge we can. And we did. We had a very productive meeting where we introduced ourselves and explained our work process. After our introduction, we got even deeper into some of the things we had questions about.


The aftermath


Overall the event was super helpful and interesting for us. Nobody can give you insights about the Google tools like Google itself. The only bad thing about it was the fact it was only 2 days long. But the best things in life are usually short and sweet. You have to grab the moment and that’s exactly what we did.

We are proud to say we got a big thumb up from Google. They were impressed with our work and the level of understanding we had of their products. Contact information was exchanged and hands were shaken. It turns out the future holds interesting and exciting things for ROImonks.


Perpetto: How to measure the effects of personalization

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Perpetto Users Unite! We have something exciting to share with you.

Most of the people that are going to read this article have already tried either the free version of Perpetto or the full version. If however, you’ve missed it somehow, we suggest you check it out as it will bring some great benefits to your business.

Just in case though, we will share a quick introduction to the tool. In a few simple words, Perpetto is a way to update your website and get your visitors to buy more products. There are a good amount of tricks that Perpetto uses but our favorites are the bars with the suggested items, the upsale items, and the automated email system. Even if those are the only three changes to your website, your business is still going to grow rapidly and your sales will be higher than ever.  


What data is Perpetto giving us, and where is it coming from?

So, how do we know if Perpetto is making our website better and our revenue grow? Well, the best thing about the digital world is that all the data we need is structured and easy to find. Sometimes making real value from the data might be a bit harder, but not if you have an excellent marketing expert or a tool like Perpetto. You can easily go in and check the statistics for your website from before using the tool and after you’ve already implemented it. You just need to go to and log in with your account information. There are a bunch of different statistics you can check, but we suggest you start with the Pages/Session, Ecommerce Conversion Rate, and Average Order Value.

Why are those 3 so important? Well, the Pages/Session deserves our attention because it shows how many pages has a single user seen while on the website. Imagine you go to a physical store and you can only see the first 3 shelves with products. Even though you might buy something, you probably won’t buy a lot. But at the same time, if you check out the whole 100-yard store, there are greater chances you’ll leave with a full cart.

The Ecommerce Conversion Rate. Simply put, this is the percentage of people that are buying something on the site. If a hundred people go on the site and 50 of them buy a product, the conversion rate will be 50%.

The Average Order Value is pretty self-explanatory. You want to know how much money people are spending on average. And then you would want to compare how much they spent before and after you implemented Perpetto.

Those three are a good place to start when you want to analyze your business and the positives you get from Perpetto. Of course, there are a lot more stats that can be checked once you start going deeper into the analysis they provide.

A great way to double check what Perpetto is doing for your website is DataStudio. That wonderful tool can be directly connected to Google Analytics and easily set up to show us all the most important data coming directly from the source. You can check if Perpetto is helping your website and your sales by directly comparing data from before the implementation and after.


Set up DataStudio yourself  in a few simple steps

Don’t worry, we are here to help you and show you the steps you need to take in order to successfully work with Data Studio. We will create a free template to make your life easier. That means you will be able to concentrate on your business. This is where you will find the DataStudio template to begin with.

Now, you have to make sure you have your Google Analytics set up.Chances are you are already past that step, so in this case, you would want to sign into a Google account that has access to the company Google Analytics. Otherwise, you won’t be able to put in the necessary data. What follows is the creation of a couple of segments you will later need in Data Studio. The steps for setting up a segment are as follows:

  1. Log in to your Google Analytics Account.
  2. On the left you will see a menu, you have to click the “Admin” button.
  3. There are going to be 3 columns. The button you need is “Segments”. It is on the last column to the right – column “View”
  4. Once you click “Segments” you will go to the next page, where you will see a big red “New Segment” button. Click it.
  5. From there you will go to “Conditions”
  6. What you need to do next is change the “Ad Content” bar to “Page”
  7. Once you are on the page, all that is left to do is name the segment “Perpetto Interactions”, leave the bar to “Sessions”, and add “?ptto-rid=” in the type bar.

We are adding a screenshot with the final step so you will be able to check and compare.

The steps for adding a “No Perpetto Interactions” segment are exactly the same up to step 7.  There are a couple of changes in step 7: First, you need to change the name to “No Perpetto Interactions” and then change the “Include” button to “Exclude”. You will still write the same text (?ptto-rid=) in the bar.

The next thing you need to do is log in into your Google account that has access to the Google Analytics connected to your website. Go to this link and click “Copy of this report”  in the top right corner of the page. A window will pop up, asking you to choose a data source. You will have to click on “Create New Data Source”, it will be on the bottom of the list. A new page will pop up and you will have to choose “Google Analytics”. After that, you will pick the account and property you want to work with. In the end, you will choose the view you prefer. You should click on the option that is not full site view. The last thing you should click on is the blue “Connect” button that is in the top right corner. A new page will pop up and you will click on the “Add to report” button that is also big and blue and in the top right corner. After you are done with all of that, you will have to click on the “Create Report” button and you should be all set.

The last thing you need to do is add the segments you created earlier. To do that you will click on the “edit: button on the top right. Once you’ve done this you will have to select all the squares after the one saying “Perpetto Interactions” and go all the way down in the menu on the right-hand side. Click the “Add a segment” button and you will have 3 options. Click the “Added Segments” option. There you will see the 2 segments you created and you will choose “Perpetto Interactions”. You have to do the same for the “No Perpetto Interactions” squares, but you will choose the “No Perpetto Interactions” segment.

And there you have it. If you have done everything correctly you will be able to see all the important data you need.

And if you are worried because you haven’t worked with Data Studio before and things don’t really work out, you can always contact us at and and we will give you the helping hand you need. We are always willing and ready to give you a free advice and help with what we can. Yes, you saw it right, FREE.


SO what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try it out. And if you need any help, feel free to contact us.

Overall, there is no reason for you to not go and try Data Studio right away, but there are more than a few for you to check out this awesome tracking tool! See what business value Perpetto really offers and share with us if you are as happy with the results they’re driving as we are!


Increase Your B2B Sales

How to drastically increase your B2B sales?

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There is a better way to do B2B Marketing


If you have ever dealt with B2B Marketing or Sales you know that the struggle is real. One of the biggest problems any marketing or sales specialist faces: “How do I know WHO actually wants to buy my product?”. So, after working with many B2B clients we decided to make an in depth research and find a way to make this process easier, faster and most of all much more successful! We wanted to help businesses just like yours to grow faster, boost conversion rates and of course – save time.

We’ve all been there. Contacting many companies, with a technique that you think should work, but at the end of the day, the result is still not the one that you’ve hoped for. As all great discoveries begin, we thought “there has to be a better way”. After we’ve found it, we’re more than happy to share it with you!

My New B2B Marketing Friend


*Drum rolls* We would like to introduce to you Leаdfeeder. A very easy to use tool, which contains almost all the information you need for lead generation. Before we tell you more about it – don’t worry, it has a free trial, so before you pay anything, you could actually check if it suits your business and is it helpful to you (hint: it will be). How can Leаdfeeder help you? Well, here are some of the great features, which made our clients quite happy:

  • You can actually SEE which companies have visited your website.
  • You can make custom feeds and filter companies by landing page, country, etc.
  • It connects directly to your Analytics account, so you can see you data in minutes.
  • You can see which traffic source brought you the lead.
  • You can see the journey of your visitor by webpages.
  • You have a scale which measures their activity level.
  • You could get more than 3000+ leads/month, depending on website traffic.
  • You can directly see LinkedIn Profiles of the decision makers in the company.
  • You can directly see the E-MAILs of the decision makers of the company.
  • You even have MailChimp integration.

How does that sound to you? We were really excited when we first discovered it and have worked with many B2B clients ever since, with the great help of this tool, that strangely isn’t as popular as it should be. From what we’ve discovered so far, the data it provides is really valuable and could save a lot of headache.

My next steps towards high B2B conversion rate


“It’s not about the tool, it’s about the problem it’s solving.”

– Matt Heinz, Heinz Marketing


In order to use Leаdfeeder in the best possible way, though, you have to understand the entire process. First of all you need quality traffic, a lot of it. You have access to companies that look like promising leads but they do need to find out about your website somehow. That is why you should initially focus on creating a great inbound digital marketing strategy and make sure you’re implementing it correctly.

After you already have great quality traffic, you are ready to find out who wants to buy your product with the help of Leаdfeeder. Using the tool you can create filters and make sure your most valuable leads will be shown first, so your quality traffic really pays of.

Knowing which companies are your potential customers, you get to make one final decision – how to reach them. Are you going to use direct sales or will you keep your focus on digital marketing? That’s up to you!

In case you need some help, our team is here to for you!

We, as Leadfeeder partner, offer you a PROMO CODE for Leаdfeeder discount COMPLETELY FREE, no strings attached. All you have to do is  ask for your promo code, and we will send it as soon as possible. You can enter the code before you start your free trial and in case you decide to make a purchase, it will come in very handy!

Additionally, If you need some help with the Leаdfeeder tool, your digital marketing strategy or with the development of your business we would be more than happy to assist you. Whether you want a brief consultation or long term partnership, we will do our best to skyrocket your sales, so do not hesitate to get in touch now!

Google Tag Manager – the modern way for website management

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What can Google Tag Manager (GTM) do for you?

  • Manage all your tags from one place;
  • Track users‘ actions that matter to you – including eCommerce and your preferred Analytics tools;
  • Implement new Analytics services with ease – no front-end developer required;
  • Improve your site speed – setup tag sequencing and allow visible content to download before the scripts;

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is basically a personal smart business manager which now you have access to directly from Google. GTM helps you grow your online business simply by managing your tags right. It’s a free tool for adding and updating website tags without needing to edit your website code.

What are tags?

A tag is code that executes on a page based on an action taken from a visitor (trigger). The trigger may be as simple as visiting a page of your website and as complicated as you may require it to be.  If you are not a programmer, creating new tags or updating the existing ones could be ‘mission impossible’ and often takes too long requiring front-end developer support, during which time you might lose good opportunities for your business. Implementing Google Tag Manager allows you the flexibility to implement new tags without being dependent on a developer, though you may need one for the initial implementation of GTM.

Tags serving you as Digital Marketer

The most common usage of tags is to integrate your website with different Analytics Services that help you measure and thereby optimize your website and digital marketing. This powerful tool from Google takes digital marketing to a whole new level.

GTM provides out-of-the-box integration with Google services as Analytics, AdWords, and DoubleClick, and growing list of certified vendors via integration templates. Templates simplify publishing of tracking codes and eliminate errors. They are ready to use simply by selecting the service, providing the requested details, and Tag Manager automatically generates the correct code and fires the tag using the triggers specified.

If you need to implement a service that is not out-of-the-box supported (e.g. Facebook Pixel), you have an option to use a custom tag. Google provides you the option to use Custom image tag, Custom HTML tag or Function call tags which gives you almost endless possibilities for your marketing needs.

By using GTM you will be able to avoid many errors and deploy tags on your website quickly. You can transparently specify the tags that you want to use and GTM will do the heavy lifting for you. It gives programming a new meaning. Although GTM is user-friendly, it takes some time and experience to master it.

Analyze the data

Last but not at least, you should analyze all the collected data as per your Analytics strategy to improve your website and digital marketing efforts and make your business grow faster. Very few businesses pay enough attention to the direct link between their analytic infrastructure and how business goals are achieved. Though, our experience shows, that it’s getting more and more valuable for any company. The ROImonks team can help you define your Analytics strategy and support you in establishing the Analytics infrastructure using the GTM solution smart to implement it for you. Success isn’t a mystery, it’s a process. Don’t hesitate to contact us now if you think you might need any help – .

The good Landing Page makes people act

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Do you feel it’s time to change the way you run your business? If you have a great product, but you don’t sell as much as you’d like, there might be a different underlying cause. . The first step would be to introduce more people to what you’re offering, helping them understand your product and getting them really excited about buying. . Making a couple of landing pages, that really work, could be the exact thing your company needs. Here you can find the most important steps for creating a great landing page, which can actually sell your product.

Don’t think too much, JUST DO IT

Acting on a good idea is better than just having a good idea. If you’re always striving for perfection you might not deliver an end result at all.. Save your time, don’t think too much and don’t waste much effort on  preparing and planning –  just start from somewhere, even if you’re not the best copywriter and designer. Believe, that you are able to create something great by delivering something simple. Having effective landing pages could define the difference between a good website and a bad website.

Make the Landing Page simple, but smart

The best practice would be to not spend a lot of time in the beginning. Just create something that is optimal for the moment and that you would consider good enough.. So, publish your landing page, even if its design and text are not perfect.

How to build a useful landing page, you might ask? A good technique is to start at the end. Tell the people clearly what they should do and add a button to let them act. After that create the beginning – easy to understand headline. It should be big (in Heading 1) and tell the visitors what they get on your landing page.

Let’s talk about the title

On the first place, your title must be informative and attracting attention. If you are not sure what title you should use , write it at  the end. Then you’ll definitely know what is the perfect title for your landing page.

How long should it be? It is recommended to stay between 10 – 20 words.. You can always add a subtitle and  explain a little bit more about the main topic of your page. After catching the reader’s attention, you need to keep it.

It’s time to fill the middle

Now you need to build the body part of your landing page. Add some text – explain to the visitor what is the benefit of your product and what problems it can solve. Use the ‘call to action’ technique and make your text rich in verbs. This is your opportunity to explain what makes your product so great – grab that chance and use it. Don’t write long paragraphs, most people don’t have time to read them. But be careful, too short paragraphs could, on the other hand, lower your credibility. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right from the first time. Just do your search and see how the pros did it in their websites.

How to write good content?

The lead is the first and most important part of your whole text and there is no place for mistakes. It should say much, but not all about your product. The best practices show, that a good and easy to read lead consists of 4 to 6 sentences. In these few sentences you have to give useful information and stimulate curiosity about what makes your product great. The rest of the text needs to show competence and expertise, but still easy to understand from anyone who might be interested. If it’s longer, divide it with subtitles. 

Use Optical Magnets

It’s important to have optical magnets. Many people prefer books with illustrations, articles with photos and so on. You get the point. That means you need some good images or at least one, which optically represents what you’re offering. Show people what you have for them and how great it is. Maybe you have a short video of your product  – show it to your clients.


 Bullet points are always good idea

  • The next step is to write some bullet points for the people, who have less time to read and just ‘scan’ the text. Use a teaser, which wakes up curiosity.
  • After that, help the visitor identify themselves as a client of yours. Tell them what problem your product solves and what could they gain by using it.
  • In the end, you could explain what your visitor misses, if they don’t  use your product. You could also add some numbers to make your product more reliable. 

How to end with style

End your text with another call to action. We should always tell the visitors what is the action we’re expecting them to take on a given page. Don’t distract them with links to other pages. They have to decide if they will click on the ‘buy’ or ‘subscribe’ button or not. If they have no interest in your product, they will leave. But maybe they know someone else who could benefit of using what you’re offering. Give them the opportunity to share your landing page with friends in the social media. This could be the perfect personalized advertising – effective and free.

Publish and Test

In order to know if you have to improve something on your landing page, you need to test, test and test again. Only in  this way you can make it better and improve your user experience. There are many free tools as ‘Google content experiments’ in Google Analytics. We recommend to make big changes and test which one performs better. Make two landing pages with the same goal, but very different from each other. Say the same with different words and use completely new design. Also run A/B tests to check what length would serve your landing page better.

That’s not the end

If you want to have a really successful website, you need to focus on your product pages. Visual content sells a lot better so you will definitely need some high quality photos. The well written description of the products should helps visitor make the choice that fits them best, so you need to spend some time on that point too. Another important section of a good online shop is its blog. It’s highly recommended to publish blog posts regularly. This will improve your SEO – on-site and off-site and thus, the clients will find you easier.

Every good product deserves a chance to become well-known and widely used. We believe, that the difference between a small start-up and a big company is in the right decisions, made  in the right time. If you don’t have enough time to do all the research and work, but you want to have good-looking and effective working landing pages, you can trust the ROImonks team. By using a combination of talent, skills and experience, we make things happen – and already have many success stories and delighted partners. We are always happy to share what we know, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch now – .


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