The Search Trends Insights for Google Search Campaigns

Search Trends for Google Search Campaigns


Search trends by Google deserve a spotlight in your marketing toolkit. This useful functionality has been helping us to both understand and improve the performance of Seach campaigns.

In this post, we’ll dive into what Search trends are and how to use them to take your campaigns to the next level. Let’s dive in!

What are Search trends?

Search trends by Google are valuable indicators that help you understand the interest in products and services relevant to your business niche.

You can use them to respond to shifts in search demand, identify growth opportunities, and adapt to changes in consumer behavior.

Where to find Search trends?

You can access Search trends on the Insights page on an account level. Here’s how do to this:

  1. Click on Insights and reports
  2. Click Insights
  3. Go to the Search trends section of the page

What do Search trends show?

Google Search trends show the market interest and how it evolved in the previous weeks. These insights are beneficial in two ways:

  1. Indicate if your budget was correctly spent in the past
  2. Help to plan your spending better according to the latest trend

In the main Insights section, you’ll see a dashboard with trends by product type. For each product, you can see:

  • What’s the trend for this product for the location that you target
  • How your clicks, costs, and impressions correspond to the trend

what do Search trends show

For each product, you can click on View trend details to get more in-depth insights.

You’ll land on a page that contains the same high-level information from the previous dashboard and additional in-depth insights.

search trends details

For starters, scroll down to the Trending search terms dashboard. Here you’ll find two types of insights labeled Your account and New Terms.

Your account includes search trends related to your existing ads. New Terms insights indicate opportunities for expansion of your advertising scope.

We found these insights useful because they allow you to:

  • Understand what people are searching
  • Prepare to capture upcoming demand

Your account

Here you can see the surge in search volume for the particular market and how clicks, impressions, or costs (choose from the dropdown) correspond to these search volumes.

For example, a surge in search volume but a drop in clicks indicates that you’re not competing well for this search term.

Insights - Your account

New terms tab

In the second tab, you can see trending search terms sorted by search volume. These terms are not part of your campaigns but you can potentially target them.

Insights - New terms

Are Search trends reliable?

Yes, Search trends are 100% reliable for analyzing past behavior. They are a great way to validate if your spending was correctly planned.

However, there’s something important to note. Google changes the interface and the data it provides quite often. We witnessed numerous new and removed features in the past months. It might be sometimes difficult to navigate and keep track of these changes.

Setting this inconsistency apart, Search trends are a great indicator of the performance of your  Search campaigns.

Hope you find this post useful!

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