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Are you ready to reach the people who are already looking for you? Our digital marketers come to the rescue.

ROIMonks might be a good fit for you

We believe in the relationship we build with our clients and always strive to provide the services as if we are personally investing in a Pay-Per-Click strategy. Your business growth is our main focus and delivering the best results with the lowest possible budget is always the goal of our digital marketing agency when it comes to Google Adwords. Being business owners for more than 10 years we already have been on the other side, so we decided to develop the service we were personally looking for, but never seemed to find.


Our digital marketers have years of experience in the real business world and are going through intense trainings on a weekly basis as people are what matters most to us. Working with proven methodology 98% of our clients are more than satisfied by the combination of involvement of our team members and the digital marketing expertise we have managed to obtain.

Get the best out of Google AdWords

People are already looking for someone just like you and they want to buy your product or service. And you know what? Our online marketing agency will introduce you to them through Google AdWords ! Our methodology includes in depth research and data mining for discovering the keywords that not only describe you best, but would also generate leads and many, many happy customers!

Now you will have the slickest Google AdWords Campaigns

If you’re ready to develop your business, meet new customers and accelerate your sales you probably wonder what we do that makes our partners so happy?


  1. Digital Marketers with more than 7 years of experience in Google AdWords.
  2. Find out more about your business and your customers’ needs.
  3. Make in depth research of possible keywords and how your so successful competitors do it.
  4. Set up campaigns with the highest possible quality score and lowest possible bid.
  5. Daily updates on every campaign so we can be sure that your money is invested in the right way.
  6. Being happy when you are happy.


What we offer:


  • AdWords optimisation and management
  • PPC Audit
  • Remarketing
  • Display
  • App marketing
  • Video marketing

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