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ROImonks Meets Google

January 29th, 2018 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “ROImonks Meets Google”

The Event


Around the middle of December, we saw a post about a special two-day event held by Google themselves in our own backyard and proceeded to quickly sign up for it. We knew this is an opportunity that doesn’t come often. January 18th and 19th were days ROImonks Agency won’t forget soon. We grabbed our learning hats and held our breath with excitement awaiting the big event.


Day 1


AI – The Future Lecture


The first day morning session was mostly about the future of technology. How much is AI part of our lives already and why should we invest in it? And most importantly, what should we expect in the next few years? Those were some of the questions we got the answers to. Not surprisingly, people don’t really understand how much AI is part of our lives already. Two good examples are Google Maps and Google Voice.


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Google Maps


I bet a lot of you don’t really know how Google Maps estimates the time a person needs to get from point A to point B by driving, walking, or riding a bike. Before that lecture neither did I. It turns out that once you start the application, Google starts to follow your movement and remembers the exact minutes it takes you to reach your destination. So, if a different person wants to use that same route anytime soon, Google already knows how much time it takes because of you. Mind-blowing, right? The system is brilliant because Google helps us, but at the same time, we help Google.


Google Tools Lecture


Around midday, things started getting really interesting with Google starting to talk about their different tools and the best ways to use them. Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Data Studio were some of the mentioned tools. We made sure to take a lot of pictures and write down all the valuable information even though it was hard since Google had so many amazing things to share.


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Google Data Studio


Probably the most curious information was the fact that people don’t really use Google Data Studio that often. This is very strange since the tool gives you the opportunity to connect it to Google Analytics and be able to see it right away instead of clicking on 7 different columns and filters to change the screen. All you have to do is spend around 1-2 hours to set it up and then you can see all the most valuable data for you on a page or two.


Google Adwords Lecture


For us, things got really serious in the afternoon though. This was the time when Google started talking specifically about Adwords and the different types of campaigns. This is when we became a sponge and soaked every word that came out of the mouth of the presenters. Since this is the primary tool that we use in our work, we can’t really explain how it feels to hear some tips from the source itself. The value we got out of that lecture can’t be measured in a way that can make you even begin to understand how helpful it was. Let’s just say after those 2-3 hours we are a lot better at what we do and our clients will be more than happy with what’s about to come.


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Smart Bidding Strategies Updates


One big change Google made to Adwords was connected with the bids. We all know there are several Smart Bidding Strategies – Target CPA, Target ROAS, Maximize Conversions, and Enhanced CPC to name a few. But even though Google has presented us with those options, most people and companies just go for Manual CPC Bidding. The answer to why is simple – people are scared that Google will overspend. Well, Google understands that fear is not irrational. And indeed if you let Google bid, it will overspend in the first weeks. Or at least that was the case before. It turns out the company has spent numerous hours and workforce on this problem and they claim they have come up with a solution. They didn’t share much, but what they claim is that AI is involved and the system is smarter than ever and is not going to overspend even if you use the Smart Bidding Strategies. They also claim that by using them instead of Manual CPC Bidding you will be able to cut down on optimizing the campaigns by 3 times since it will be automatically done for you. You won’t have to do things like going through all the keywords in the “Search Terms” and remove the ones that don’t apply to your product. Only time will show if this is actually true.


Day 2


The second day of the event was left for individual meetings between Google and all the different people and agencies that were present. Of course, we booked two slots to make sure we have enough time to ask all of our questions. At this point, we were trying to squeeze out every last drop of knowledge we can. And we did. We had a very productive meeting where we introduced ourselves and explained our work process. After our introduction, we got even deeper into some of the things we had questions about.


The aftermath


Overall the event was super helpful and interesting for us. Nobody can give you insights about the Google tools like Google itself. The only bad thing about it was the fact it was only 2 days long. But the best things in life are usually short and sweet. You have to grab the moment and that’s exactly what we did.

We are proud to say we got a big thumb up from Google. They were impressed with our work and the level of understanding we had of their products. Contact information was exchanged and hands were shaken. It turns out the future holds interesting and exciting things for ROImonks.



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