Who are we

ROIMonks is the digital marketing agency you
want for your project. Exceeding your digital marketing
expectations with expertise, quality and transparency

Theodora Palikarska - Dreamix

“ROIMonks is a wonderful team of great experts. They are proactive, take our business into consideration and are patient when we are not quite sure which road to take. Not only that, but they are always there. Every time we needed advice or help, one of them reacted immediately. I was quite impressed by their devotion and the precision with which everything was happening. Also, they were truly interested in our goals and managed to find innovative ways to achieve them. ROIMonks were always on time and what they delivered really did work for us. (Theodora Palikarska, Marketing Manager, Dreamix Ltd – https://dreamix.eu/)

About<br> <b>ROIMONKS</b>

What we value

We always put the client’s business needs first. You will work with a dedicated team which truly cares about delivering the best results for your business.

We are honest and open. As our client you will have a shared timetable with us, you will be updated on a daily basis about our work on your project and check your current balance. We will make sure you always know what is going on, why we are doing it this way and when it will be delivered.

We care about every client – there are no big or small clients. We can have a long time commitment or just help you with a short project. You will not be bound by an annual contract so you can continue working with us for as long as you are satisfied. And you will be.


Our Goals

We are passionate about knowledge sharing. We realize how vital it is for the success of any company so it’s highly valued within ours. Through knowledge sharing practices we ensure that the team handling your project will exceed even your expectations.

We are devoted to our work. Expertise is of great importance for any project so our team consists of only highly educated experts in the digital marketing field. All projects are supervised by a Google Adwords and Google Analytics certified team member.

Our main principles are quality, sustainability and security. Clients can expect highest quality digital marketing services following the best standards in the industry.


About<br> <b>ROIMONKS</b>
Krasimir Vasilev - Business Development & Market Research Ninja

Krasimir Vasilev

Ecommerce Strategy & Business Development

Krasimir is the most punctual and data-driven person you will ever meet. With MSc in Finance, he sees the smallest details and is needed in almost any digital marketing task. He has more than 15 years of experience in Business Development and especially E-commerce. Having many successful e-commerce projects behind him, he will be here (right on time) for meeting your business needs. He is persistent, determined, and ready to help your business grow. Aside from that, he also does more than a great job in market research, delivering useful data insights which can bring your business to the next level.

Todor Sarakchiev - Data Mining & Tag Manager Master

Todor Sarakchiev

Advertising measurement & Optimization

Todor has an MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation in IT. Not only is he great with IT (BSc in Computer Science) but he also has extensive digital marketing experience and handles all the impossible technical tasks. His main strengths are Google Tag Manager and PPC campaigns alongside almost any other digital marketing tool you can think of. Todor is an extremely valuable part of building any business development strategy, having more than 12 years of entrepreneurship experience. Todor is also our Data Mining Master helping you find insights using many advanced algorithms, which will drive your project forward.

Alexander Zhivkov - Design & UX Guru

Aleksandar Zhivkov

Customer experience & Visual storytelling

Aleksandar has a BSc in Business Management with 20 years in the retail and wholesale background and more than 14 years of entrepreneurial experience. Supply chains, behavioral economics, and human nature fascinate him. A deep understanding of Landing Page optimization and user experience comes in handy to effectively deliver any message. Aleksandar is the creative drop you need in your digital marketing strategy. Experienced in graphic design, product photography, and videography he is a solid pillar for great quality visuals. Aleksandar is imaginative, team-oriented, and sociable and will bring to life your engaging marketing project.

Alexandra Peeva - AdWords & Analytics Superstar

Aleksandra Peeva

Digital Advertising & Email Marketing Expert

Aleksandra is a sound presentation of the term digital marketing superhero. Her calm and polite nature holds enviable skills and vast experience. Ecommerce administration and customer support background help her at understanding how to match business offerings with customer needs, which is extremely important when delivering results. Alexandra has years of experience in Google Analytics, delivering the foundation of any digital marketing project – performance measurement. She feels equally comfortable in Google Ads and in the Facebook business manager. Hundreds if not thousands of email newsletters have been sent under her supervision. Being a remarkably fast learner, mastering a new tool or social advertising platform is a piece of cake for her. Combining great expertise with eloquent communication skills, Aleks is a great teacher and mentor for junior members of the ROImonks team.

Vanya Koleva – Digital Advertising & Project Management Expert

Vanya Koleva

Digital Advertising & Project Management Expert

Vanya, the heart of ROImonks, is your “go-to person” when it comes to professionalism and getting advertising right. Her past professional experience in journalism helps her grab audience attention in seconds. This dancing diva knows how to predict the future with only a pivot table and how to have fun and make the best out of every situation. Project management is her passion and hard cases are her fuel. Advertising issues are usually quickly demolished by Vanya. Her inner drive and motivation are highly contagious for both current and new team members. Teaching and mentoring are Vanya’s second nature.

Liliya Disha - Digital Advertising, Research and Analytics Expert

Liliya Disha

Digital Advertising, Research and Analytics Expert

Lily is one of a kind hyper-organized and analytical superhuman. She can easily deep dive into the finest details and keep the bigger picture at the same time. Distinguishing the important from the rest is of great value for keeping effectiveness on the top level. Creating Google search and social networks advertising strategies and then implementing and optimizing those is her specialty. Market research, consumer demands, and trends are another stronghold of Lily. She makes digital marketing channels evaluation and selection look easy. Did we mention she eats complex pivot tables for breakfast?

Alex Kitov - Perpetto

“ROImonks’ team are incredible professionals in Performance Marketing and have helped us with various parts of our Lead Generation process. From setting up Google Analytics, through running and optimizing AdWords campaigns, to a thorough keyword research and analysis in our market to define the most suitable campaigns. In just a few months we were able to generate very good lead generation results with very good ROAS.” (Alexander Kitov, Founder, Perpetto – https://www.perpetto.com/ )

Elena Nikolova - Escreo

“ROImonks helped us grow our business in several international markets and also structured our digital and business strategies locally. They proved themselves as experts in digital marketing – perfect planning and on time execution. I value their analytical approach, attention to detail and strategic business thinking. Last but not least I strongly recommend ROIMonks to anyone searching for a digital marketing partner, because they focus on the client’s specific business needs. They would always offer us the solutions that would bring us closer to achieving our goals. (Elena Nikolova, Co-founder & CMO, Escreo – https://escreo.com/ )